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Judicial candidates

The judicial candidates who recently appeared at a nonpartisan “Meet your Candidates” forum to field questions before over 120 citizens were quite refreshing. It was the first time in memory that judicial candidates have taken the time and the effort to face the voters whose vote they seek. It has been difficult to choose between judicial candidates in the past because of the scant amount of information available and the nearly non-existent appearances.

Judicial candidates Trask, Coleman, Kincaid and Candelore support our constitution and our constitution’s requirement for a separation of powers between the legislative and the judicial branches of government. They believe that it is the duty of our judges to interpret the law and not to legislate from the bench. They agree upon accountability and promise to return for similar forums in the future. They come across as honest citizens and as well qualified judicial candidates with long lists of accomplishments.

If you are satisfied with our current judiciary, then by all means continue to vote for the incumbents and take the establishment’s evaluations at face value as voters were urged to do in recently published opinion pieces. If you disagree with the degrading labels opponents use for those who cherish the freedoms and protections guaranteed by our constitution you may wish to use your own common sense and to give the promising new blood a chance. You can view videos of the answers candidates gave at on the Fallbrook Tea Party page.

Jim Bowles


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