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Obamacare provides for only two classes of people

Sean Hannity’s book ‘Conservative Victory,’ page 65, states that the Democrats most shameless power grab is contained in the Senate health care bill. Senate majority leader Harry Reid inserted an amendment into this bill to make the bills proposed Independent Medicare Advisor Board (IMAB) unrepealable.

This “amendment would change certain Senate rules to prohibit future Congresses from repealing the IMAB (which some refer to as a death panel) […] Obama’s Senate is trying to make their provision for death panels unrepealable – violating our first principles of popular sovereignty.”

Americans are provided above with additional evidence that death panels exist in Obamacare. Past and present members of Congress and the Presidency probably will not be denied life saving health care when they reach the age of 8-0, but the “poor folk” will.

In 1700 America was a British colony in which kings, queens, princes, princesses, dukes, duchesses, lords and ladies were the ruling class and the others were peasants. If a peasant borrowed money and could not repay it, he/she was, by law, thrown into slavery (servitude).

There were only two classes, the ruling class and the peasants. We are now reverting to the 1700s with Congress and the President being the ruling class and we, the people, will soon be the peasant class.

Are the Democrats planning on destroying America’s Constitution and murdering 80-plus-year-old Americans to ration health care? Living today in America far exceeds living in other countries. Been there; Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America are not remotely comparable.

Archie McPhee


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