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Vote to replace Horn

I see the Bill Horn “spin doctors” are working overtime in the press. It’s usual for Horn to have his staff write letters to local papers saying how great he is. How you can tell is because it sounds like a talking points memo written by his spokesman.

Remember reading articles about Horn’s illegal alien employee situation? Remember his minor real estate issue and allegations of an affair with his chief of staff? Remember stories of Hornville and his reportedly “shady” dealings to get things approved?

Remember the 1997 fires? Where was Horn?

These are just some of the antics Horn has been involved in over the last few years. Give me some time and I can come up with a lot more.

Horn needs to be replaced. We don’t need a “Chicago style” boss sitting in the Fifth District’s seat; we already have that in Washington with Obama.

We had a chance last time to replace Horn with a man of integrity, who lost only by a small margin. That should have sent Horn a message, but it fell on deaf ears, the antics continued.

The only thing Horn deserves is a bus ticket back to Valley Center. In support of that, I’ll pay for the ticket.

Ray Carney

San Marcos


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