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Caltrans: Fix 76 and keep Fallbrook safe

The East section of SR76 between South Mission and I-15 is a corridor noted for emergency vehicles responding to collisions with injuries and fatalities.

Caltrans has stated the 76 East section “Draft Environmental Impact Study/Report” (DEIR) is scheduled to be published in June or July 2010. The DEIR is the most important document the public will see on the improved 76 as it contains definitive details on the two Caltrans route alternatives, Northern Existing Alignment and Southern Alignment for the “improved” 76. Both alternatives have similar environmental concerns, same design guidelines for a four-lane divided highway with concrete barriers, and 55 mph speed limit. The similarities end there!

The Northern Alternative replaces the existing 76 and limits access to eight roads and three private driveways and eastbound traffic must make “U” turns at a traffic signal. Not a safe design. Over 10,000 people could be trapped behind concrete barriers if a firestorm strikes or a medical emergency. It would be non-expandable for growth.

The Southern Alternative is an expandable four-lane highway south of the SLR River without encumbrances like the Northern alternative as the existing 76 becomes a frontage road serving the Falllbrook/Bonsall communities as it does today. Does Caltrans have to purchase land for a southern right of way? Yes, Vessels Ranch controls the majority of the required land.

The public will have 30 days to comment after the Caltrans public hearing. Please visit for more information or email [email protected].

Monty Voigt


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