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Liberty quarry a poorly thought through project

The Liberty granite quarry near Temecula is a good example of a very poorly thought through project.

It is the need of the many versus the greed of the few.

Needs include clean air, open space, aesthetically pleasing environment, save habitat for wildlife and animal pathways, less freeway congestion, safety from large gravel trucks, protection from noise and dust at Pechanga Resort and golf course and Temecula Creek Inn Resort and golf course and surrounding homes, schools, and parks. Protect Santa Rosa Plateau ecological reserve, Santa Margarita River ecological reserve and environmental research, and De Luz cohesiveness. Save fuel by putting the quarry near the gravel needs.

Greed is money in the pockets for Liberty quarry.

Unanswered questions: 100 new jobs? They won’t go away, still needed wherever the quarry is placed. There is lots of rock all over this region.

Why would reducing the quarry size by 20 acres help any of the problems associated with its location?

Thank you from future generations for being thoughtful and foresighted.

Bob Finley



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