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Wrong project

What is true about Liberty quarry? People driven by fear of losing, greed and power, are ignorant of their connection to the ‘whole.’

John Muir says, “When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.” Granite is “tugging” at our world!

The ‘creative truths’ of Granite’s color, glossy ads say they will provide ‘local jobs.’ What jobs? Quarries hire trained people. After laying off employees at other locations, wouldn’t Granite offer them jobs first? Gravel truck drivers will be contracted out, merely changing locations.

“Reduced truck traffic” - adding 1,600 truck trips onto I-15 reduces traffic?

‘Cleaner air’ you insult our intelligence! ‘Say it often enough, people will believe it.” We don’t!

Our community will become an industrial mecca; asphalt plants spewing their stench, concrete plants, etc. A mega mine; one mile wide; the size of Old Town Temecula! 1,000’ deep - height of the Empire State Building. They will blast and carve their road out of our hillsides; a “switchback”; 65’ wide, at 15%+ grade; an accident waiting to happen!

You will see it; hear it; breathe it! Will you trade our clean air for a mining town with toxic dust, and diesel fumes from idling trucks?

DEIR states,” This project would result in significant, unavoidable impacts to air quality and traffic which cannot be mitigated to below a level of significance.”

Too many unknowns! Too much left to “chance!”

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Jerri Arganda



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