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Reconsider public school programs and teachers

I would like for other parents in Fallbrook to be aware of the outstanding teachers and programs at our public schools.

Too often we hear about the failings of our schools and people judge our schools by the aged facades of the buildings. But within those walls are dedicated, talented teachers who are often under-appreciated for the work they do to educate our children. I feel fortunate to have discovered Fallbrook Street School’s multiage program, which consists of a 20-student class encompassing grades K-1-2. The Montessori approach to education is quite unique in a public school, allowing children to learn from each other and at an accelerated pace according to each child’s abilities. The students also develop independence, leadership and cooperative skills.

I would especially like to acknowledge two wonderful teachers of the multiage classes, Ms. Columbia (who recently passed away), and Mrs. Ellefsen. They instill a love of learning to their students while incorporating music, art and dance into the traditional studies of reading, writing and arithmetic.

With the current restructuring, the district has embraced the multiage program, expanding it to all grade levels. My oldest daughter will enter a 4-5-6 multiage class in the fall and my youngest will continue in a 1-2-3 class. The opportunities to learn in this environment and with teachers who think outside the box will give them an unparalleled education right here in our own public school system. I encourage parents who are looking to challenge their kids to seek out these classes.

Jenny Schiebert-Besne, DVN


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