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Nashville music duo "Quote" stays true to their Bonsall roots

Two 25 year-old men who grew up in Bonsall and have been performing as a gypsy rock music duo known as “Quote” managed to stir up a quite a ruckus last year with their debut album titled “The Pace of Our Feet.”

The album, nothing short of a masterpiece, focused on pulling each of the senses into the story being told, using several artistic mediums. The CD comes inside of a book of short stories and literature, and full color commissioned art pieces.

Jamie Bennett and Justin Tam have gained a commendable amount of national publicity as the subject of feature stories in Performing Songwriter and other popular music magazines, as well as through their successful tours across the Midwest and East Coast including the South by Southwest Festivals in Austin, Texas.

Today, this duo is drawing close to the end of their musical journey with the coming release of their final album titled, “A Deeper Green.”

The folk-influenced acoustic melodies set the tone of Crosby, Stills and Nash with their vocal harmonies. But their new stuff is a more “bluesy,” faster, rock and roll.

As Bennett and Tam tell their stories, they paint a picture of a time and place that lay in great contrast to the beat of the city. With a feeling of nostalgia, their music takes listeners to a place that features a slower pace, a place quietly hidden from the frenetic drive of the city. Stress fades away like the hillsides into the horizon when listening to this music.

Bennett and Tam draw on this inspiration not only for their music, but for the stories they tell and the pictures they paint. Since they were raised in Bonsall, it is evident that the duo’s inspiration comes from the quiet rolling hills and subtle life of the world around them, paying close attention to detail that others might overlook.

Although they are based in Nashville, they still pay homage to their hometown and never forget where they came from.

While this chapter of their career is coming to a close, it will be interesting to see what the future holds in store for these young men. To learn more, go to or

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