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Educationally Speaking - Finding solutions is important

“The search for good schools is elusive and disappointing if by goodness we mean something close to perfection. Good schools reveal imperfections, uncertainties, and vulnerabilities… In fact, one could argue that a consciousness about imperfections and the willingness to admit them and search for their origins and solutions is one of the important ingredients of goodness in schools.”

This comment by Sara Lawrence Lightfoot, author of “The Good High School,” describes the Fallbrook Union High School District and its schools. We are not perfect. We do struggle to meet the educational needs of all students. But, I do believe that evidence exists that we recognize imperfections and are striving to address them.

We are not meeting the academic needs of all students. The good news is that student achievement as measured by state and federal accountability measures is improving. There is also local evidence related to greater rigor at Ivy High School and the offering of University of California a-g requirements at Oasis High School. Fallbrook High School has implemented a much more comprehensive intervention program and the school is better organized to meet the needs of English language learners.

There are areas of improvement that we need to make. We know that our students need to be more actively involved in the learning process. We must increase student motivation to learn and increase their engagement in learning activities. Students need to be more effective critical thinkers and problem solvers. Knowing information or facts is not enough. Students must be able to use and apply this information in complex or new situations.

We also need to increase the opportunities and the rigor for our higher achieving students and our district is exploring a variety of strategies to do this.

I appreciate the work that our faculty, staff, and administration are doing to improve student academic success. There is evidence of progress and evidence of room for improvement. It is important that we know and understand both.


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