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Life Coach: Wisdom from the Proverbs

“The talk of fools is a rod for their backs, but the words of the wise keep them out of trouble.”

--Proverbs 14:3

Foolish talk can end up hurting the fool who is doing the talking. It can be a rod or an instrument that beats its own foolish self. Another translation calls this rod a rod of pride. Pride, as it has been said, goes before a fall. Pride can bring a beating. It is far better to stay out of pride and be humble than to be humiliated by our own mouth.

On the other hand we see that the words of the wise keep them out of trouble. Think of all the trouble that could have been avoided by just speaking wisely. If in doubt about what to say, leaving something unsaid will put us further ahead than speaking some foolish remark.

How can we cultivate wise words? We need to get full of wisdom, for out of the heart the mouth speaks. We cannot get wisdom from listening to foolish people. Seeking wise mentors, both who are currently alive and those that have lived before us will help us develop wisdom. We have access to numerous wise mentors these days in so many ways, through books, the Internet, You Tube, movies, Web casts, written speeches, etc. We can read about them or listen to their own words. There is much to be gained from people who have learned what works and what does not, by doing so we can avoid many pitfalls.

Seek to gain wisdom and speak wisely.


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