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Five additional grants handed out by Healthcare District

The Fallbrook Healthcare District will be presenting checks to five additional nonprofit groups that had previously had their grant requests approved at the district’s June 14 meeting.

According to Vi Dupre, the Healthcare District’s administrator, the five grants were approved for the Fallbrook Hospital Auxiliary, the Fallbrook Union High School Asperger’s Support Center, People to People, Save our Children’s Sight and the Trauma Intervention Program.

“The five grants had been approved by the Fallbrook Healthcare District Board at their April meeting,” said Dupre. “These were approved on the basis of the Requests for Proposal (RFPs) submitted. Requests that are $10,000 or less can present for funding on basis of RFP if they provide the required documents, inclusive of Project Budget, Goals and Budget Narrative. Only agencies that have previously received an FHD grant and have demonstrated responsible, appropriate delivery and reporting of their funded program are eligible for this consideration.”

At the meeting, the Fallbrook Healthcare District awarded the Fallbrook Hospital Auxiliary $7,500, awarded the Asperger’s Support Center $10,000; awarded People to People $8,200; awarded Save Our Children’s Sight $6,600; and awarded the Trauma Intervention Program $8,000.

According to the Fallbrook Healthcare District’s board meeting agenda notes, the district moved to decline the Fallbrook Senior Citizens Service Club’s request for $10,000, stating that the organization has funds that would enable carrying out the proposed program without the additional funding from the healthcare district.

In addition, the healthcare district moved to decline the request made by the North County Solutions for Change for $37,500, stating that the program’s main focus is on housing, which falls outside the parameters of healthcare.

“[Five grants] were awarded funding on basis of RFPs, and others were asked to submit full grant applications,” said Dupre. “Some were presented specific recommendations regarding content and/or the number of proposals and amount requested.”

Dupre also stated that Directors Gordon Tinker and Hollis Moyse recommended that all applicants reconsider the dollar amount of their request carefully and make adjustments where possible, as the district had chosen to allocate only $500,000 for grant funding in 2010-2011, despite the fact that the amount of RFP’s submitted totaled $790,124.

“The Fallbrook Healthcare District was impacted by decreased revenues, as were all Special District’s of the State, thus the budget of the district appropriately reflects that hit,” said Dupre, who stated that the district’s sponsored Annual Health Fair has been moved from April 2011 to September 2011, which falls in the next fiscal year as a way to shift grant funding without impacting the overall district budget for the 2010-2011 fiscal year.

After the healthcare district’s board meeting in June, the district awarded $506,600 to various non-profits, including the five RFPs (receiving their requested amounts totaling to $40,300) and the 14 grants (totaling $40,300). The district also declined two applications for RFPs that would have totaled $47,500.

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