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North County Fire July 4 safety message for people and pet owners

North County Fire (NCF) will be the lead public safety agency for the 4th of July events being held at the Grand Tradition. NCF will monitor weather conditions during the event to ensure conditions are safe when it is time to launch the fireworks.

NCF reminds everyone that fireworks are illegal in San Diego County with the exception of licensed and permitted events. NCF’s fire prevention bureau inspects the fireworks operation at the Grand Tradition for compliance with laws and ordinances, and working with Cal-Fire, De Luz and Rainbow Volunteer fire departments will have numerous engines patrolling the neighborhoods around the Grand Tradition.

The sheriff’s office has a local hotline if anyone is concerned that illegal fireworks are being lit. The number is (760) 728-1113. Remember illegal fireworks last only a few minutes but the burns and other injuries they cause can last a lifetime.

Animal shelters report that the July 4th holiday brings in record numbers of terrified, runaway or escaped dogs. For caring and responsible pet owners, the primary concern (for the holiday) is safety. A safe pet is a happy pet. People should follow these basic precautions for the holiday celebration:

1. Resist the urge to take pets to fireworks displays.

2. Do not leave a dog outside. If a dog cannot be brought inside, cover its dog house with a blanket to protect it from the bursts of bright lights and loud bangs.

3. Keep dogs away from the front and back doors. Dogs under stress can injure others or dart out the door and get lost.

4. Always keep proper identification securely fastened to the dog’s collar in case he gets out. If a dog is not micro-chipped, its owner can talk to a veterinarian about implanting one. If a dog is chipped, its owner should make sure that his veterinary clinic and the local shelters have his correct contact information. If a dog does get loose or escapes, its owner will be grateful his pet was identified and returned to its own home.

5. Some dogs become destructive when frightened so keep windows and curtains closed to reduce noise and bright flashes. Leave the TV or radio at normal volume to distract the dog from loud noises and help it to relax.

6. Never leave a pet in the car. Even if it’s cool outside, a partially opened window does not supply sufficient fresh air and it also creates an opportunity for the pet to be stolen!

July 4th is a time for fun and celebration. By taking these precautions, dogs and their owners can have a safe and happy holiday.

North County Fire Protection District’s fire prevention bureau can be reached at (760) 723-2010.


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