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Don't confuse God's creation with government objectives

In a recent local publication, one of our politicos egotistically asserted that government provides for our safety, and not God or Creation; this nonsensical point of view necessitates higher willing and wisdom, to avoid confusing our children: those young in age, and those immature in thought.

Your Spirit, a creation of the Divine hovers spiritually over your body, in complete and eternal safety – thank God for this, not government or government officials!

The hovering Spirit of the Divine never enters your body; your body is outside of you. This also is why your Spirit is safe from attack, and why our freedom of movement is built into Creation, and not conferred with government force or government coercion.

Your body is made from parts that come and go; we refer to this as “eating.”

Your soul has no parts, it is one; one with mine, and one with everyone else’s; your Spirit is part of permanence; it is indestructible, eternally.

To confuse God’s creation with government objectives, is to lose your sane mind to deceivers of the highest order, whose only benefit, is to remove your power from your sanity, and make you as confused (insane) as they are.

Your enemies are a mask for your hatred of God and creation, accept them too as God-created; God asks you to forgive your hateful illusions, and love your sisters and brothers, offering them pity and compassion for their insane actions, based upon insane choices, from within an insane perspective.

Stuart Doblin


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