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President promised change

Let’s label this Political Commentary 101: Any criticisms generated from the left to the right are generally characterized by main stream media as enlightened reasoning designed to help us dim witted right-wingers see the obvious. Any criticisms generated from the right to the left are characterized as racist hatred; case in point, the letters written about Jim Lowery’s comments on the actions of our current president.

I must admit that when The One was elected I was hopeful that he would bring some much-needed change to Washington. He promised he would – remember? No more earmarks, most transparent administration in history, no new taxes, marginalize lobbyists’ influence. Great! In retrospect he was either a liar or too naïve to understand the task.

My biggest frustration with this scenario is the President’s unwillingness to declare himself. What does he believe in? What does he stand for? He was elected by the majority of voters in this country and we have a right to know what motivates him. He seems to stumble from one crisis to another without any clear cut plan or stated goal. He appears to be completely disconnected from his constituency – a fact supported by his plummeting poll numbers.

The Tea Party group has it right. Vox populi will rule in November.

By the way, if you want to see some vicious hatred, tune into MSNBC any weeknight from 6 to 9 p.m.

Tom Conley


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