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World Cup fever continues for two more matches

The world’s most addictive sporting event is almost over. After 60 nail-biting matches from South Africa, all but four of 32 teams have returned home. The US team finished top of their group for the first time in the 40 years of World Cup competition and finally fell to the last African qualifier, Ghana. This is no mean feat for a country that doesn’t regard this game as “real” football!

If a game played strictly with brilliantly dancing feet isn’t football, what is? FIFA, the organizing body stands for the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (English: International Federation of Association Football) . Here you’ll find the derivation of the word “soccer.” The distinction between the “round ball” game and the one played with an oval ball dates back to the earliest version of the game in England, when the two codes – Rugby football (played with an oval ball) and Association Football (played with a round ball) split. Rugby became Rugger, and Association Football –became known as “Soccer.”

To play soccer, you don’t have to be big, tall, rich, or well-equipped. That’s why the whole world has embraced this version of football for over 100 years, and now Americans have fallen in love with it too. After seeing the unifying influence of this beautiful game played out on a colorful world stage, the US is finally catching the excitement of a quadrennial event that the rest of the world is so passionate about. Let’s support the effort to bring the World Cup back to the U.S. again in 2018 or 2022.

Sue Thorne


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