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Blue Horizons

Blue Horizons…where sea meets sky meets spectacular. After three months of waiting and driving my family and friends crazy with my non-stop ramblings in anticipation of Sea World’s new dolphin show, it was worth every month, week, day, and hour of my wait.

Blue Horizons takes your senses of sight, hearing, and wonder on a journey of color, spectacle, music, and celebration of the fusion of two worlds. The visual elements are incredible. Deep blue and aqua waves rear up out of the stage. Colored bubbles are everywhere. The circular piece of water artwork sprouts rays of golden sun and the show’s finale. The costumes worn by the trainers and aerialists are vibrant and fully embrace the characters’ personalities and bring an additional element of quality to the show.

There is Marina, the young girl who answers the call to adventure outside her window; Delphis, the dolphin spirit of the sea; Aurora, the bird spirit of the sky and her friends; and the storm hawks. But these characters are only part of the allure that makes this show a must-see.

The plot itself is simple, but portrayed beautifully. Marina longs to find adventure in realms beyond the ordinary. One day, the call to adventure comes to her, and she enters two different worlds: the sea with Delphis and the dolphins, and the sky with Aurora.

The plot is punctuated with performers who dive and soar. “Fly, Dive, Frolic” and “The Storm” sequences were pieces of excellence made possible by performing aerialists. In the end, the majesty of the sea and sky culminate in a finale that made my skin prickle with goose bumps.

The music is impressive along with the spirit of the imagination behind this show. The real stars of the show, however, are the bottlenose dolphins, pilot whales, and many new bird additions. High leaps, flips, dramatic beaches, and soaring entrances add even more beauty to the story and stage. The cooperative performance between the dolphins and their trainers is astounding.

Blue Horizons took 18 months to complete, and the hard work of everyone involved has definitely paid off. At the end of the show’s premiere, everyone present gave it a standing ovation.

It is a wonderful celebration of nature that should be a priority when visiting Sea World.

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