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The Bible is God's word

I’m a 72-year-old Grandma wanting to share what I’ve learned.

I’ve learned that the Bible is God’s word written through men. For you to know that too, I can share a few facts. The Bible’s original alphabets were known as both numbers and letters. There were 43,000 pages of mathematical evidence sent to the Nobel Research Foundation with the statement that “Man could not have written the Bible” by Ivan Panin.

The Nobel Foundation engaged the assistance of a statistician from California Institute of Technology and of two experts in Greek and Hebrew to assist in the research, concluding that “the basic concepts appear to be valid.”

No other ancient Greek or Hebrew writing or any other language’s “holy” book displays this phenomenon.

And yet in the 66 books which God has miraculously joined together, it never fails to be displayed. If even one letter in one word was altered, a missing mathematical precision would alert the researcher to compare it with another ancient manuscript.

Ivan Panin was a mathematical genius. He issued a challenge in every major newspaper around the world on the inerrancy of the Bible. No one has ever been able to refute the overwhelming evidence. You may want to locate a copy of “Theomatics” published by Del Washburn and Jerry Lucas.

I have also learned that what I have just shared will only be received if you are really looking for the answers. Our creator loves us, and wants us to voluntarily turn around.

Dorene Terryberry


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