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Water is our lifeblood

After two town hall meetings, I believe Congressman Issa is a RINO (Republican in name only). For Congressman Issa’s information, and other congress people, carbon dioxide has a molecular weight of 44 and, at Mother Earth’s surface, its concentration is approximately three one hundredths of a percentage point (0.031 percent). Humans breathe out carbon dioxide every few seconds. Oxygen has a molecular weight of 32 and, at Mother Earth’s surface, its concentration is approximately 21 percent. At Mount Everest’s peak, the concentration of oxygen is so low that climbers have died from lack of oxygen. Therefore, the concentration of heavier carbon dioxide is almost zero in Earth’s upper regions proving, by basic science, the global warming theory is false.

The most important earthly reaction is photosynthesis whereby carbohydrates are produced from carbon dioxide and water in the presence of chlorophyll and sunlight while releasing oxygen and, thereby, fixing carbon dioxide production. Carbohydrates are the ultimate source of energy on Mother Earth but water is necessary for this reaction. What has Congressman Issa, and other congressmen, done to create seawater desalination to produce critically needed pure potable water from the Pacific Ocean for San Diego County? Water is the lifeblood of this entire region and Issa has never promoted seawater desalination. Why?

San Diego City has the ninth worst tap water in America. Riverside City has the second worst and Riverside County has the fourth worst. FPUD gets its water from Lake Skinner, Riverside County. How bad is FPUD’s tap water?

Archie McPhee


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