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'Predators' throwback suffers atrophy

Some alien monsters have become old since Arnold Schwarzenegger first battled one in the original “Predator” film released in 1987.

Now we have “Predators” (plural) which is currently being shown at Ultra Star Cinemas in Bonsall.

There are several Predators in the new movie – some are big, strong, and have better weapons than others who are small and less powerful – but in the end, the resurface of this alien character was mainly used to sell tickets at the box office.

“Predators” producer Robert Rodriguez has an extensive reel – and large fan-base – of some creative alternative realities such as “Sin City” and “Planet Terror.” Having him write the script helped to boost the movie’s credibility.

“Predators” is entertaining. To call it art, would be a huge overstatement.

The aliens seemed weak. Some of their fighting skills were subpar.

To put one of the movie’s themes into everyday context, some of the humans did not have an appreciation for their lives on earth, but they sure did after a few days on a planet where Predators wanted to hunt them for fun.

By the end, the Predators didn’t seem as mysterious and alluring or as intelligent as they once did.

The recent release was amusing. Stuff blew up.

Larry Fishburne’s cameo was underutilized.

“Predators” has action, a cast of drama queens who have a very clear conflict, and the cinematography is okay as visual stimulation.

This film is recommended for those who need a quick escapist-fix. But, it won’t impress those with higher expectations.

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