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Daily Thought: We all are created for God's purpose

Be assured, if you walk with God, and look to God, and expect help from God, God will never fail you.

-George Mueller <adapted>

Walk with, look to, and expect help from God in doing these things. God will not fail you. “True enough” as long as we remember God is in charge and not us.

We all are created for God’s purpose. God has endowed us with skills, abilities, gifts, and the capacity to learn, so as to meet the needs of God’s Kingdom; to fulfill the destiny God has planned for us. God is active and alive today to show us the way, always present to answer questions, and to offer assistance as needed, to further us along the path He has chosen for us. “Yes, But…”

So often, we want God to walk with us on a path we have chosen for ourselves, not the one He has chosen for us. So often, we look to God to agree with us, not to teach us. So often, we expect help from God to further our own self-made plans, not the plans God has for us. God will never fail to help us along the journey He has chosen for us. The difficulty so many of us have is that we want to define the journey for ourselves, on our schedule, for our pleasure, to meet our perceived needs.

The journey that God has for you is more fulfilling than you can comprehend, more exciting than you can imagine, more enjoyable than you can fathom. All we need do is let go of the control and let God be in charge of our lives. This requires a renewed sense of commitment to God’s will, rather than our own. We pray to receive the discernment of God’s plans for our lives.

If you are ready to walk with God, pray today, openly and expectantly, that God would reveal to you, your next step on His journey, the part of His journey He has chosen for you, a next step, the step He intends you to make today. “Give us this day, our daily Bread” means more than food on the table. Experience the spiritual food God so longs to provide for you today. Physical, emotional, spiritual action, bringing change and preparation for the next step saved for tomorrow; food, whose nourishment is received by the power of the Holy Spirit working in and through you. Take the step with this, your daily bread.

Walk with God, and if you have questions, ask them in prayer. If you need a little something, know that God is faithful and will provide all you need to continue on the path to righteousness. God never fails.


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