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Good Samaritan takes time to help pet

My personal thanks and admiration go out to the young lady pulling a three-horse trailer, loaded no less, who pulled over on a very busy Mission Road to stop and help two dogs running loose in heavy traffic last week.

While other motorists either scurried by or waited impatiently, this kind soul opened the door of her truck to allow a large, tail-wagging, road-wandering dog to jump in and be safe from oncoming traffic, and then pulled over in an attempt to capture his escape buddy, a little wiener dog. Being right behind her, I pulled off the road. She told me these were not her dogs, but could not bear the thought of them being hit.

We both searched for the escaped wiener dog, but he was nowhere in sight. After a few minutes, I went on my way, and do not know the ending of this story.

I own horses and know that driving a truck and hauling a three-horse trailer around town can be a bit stressful, but not enough so to keep this gal from trying her best to save someone’s pet from what was obviously a life-threatening situation.

Whoever you are… kudos to you! I hope if my dog ever gets loose and panics in busy traffic, there is a “road angel” just like you nearby.

Thanks for taking time from your own busy day to help a critter in need. Sorry I was not of more help myself, but that little wiener dog just disappeared into the bushes and hopefully found his way home.

Thanks again, you banked some really good karma today.

Kathy Styles


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