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Re: "The Bible is God's Word" [Letter, Village News, 7/29/10]

That was so interesting about Poe’s poem displaying the mathematical design of seven in his first line of the Raven. I was impressed that a man could do it to that extent, especially with the number representing a complete unit.

Remember, the Nobel research foundation has agreed with the statement “Man could not have written the Bible” after studying those 43,000 pages of mathematical proof. If someone omits or adds something, it alerts the need for comparison with another ancient copy.

Yes, putting faith in structure and not the message could be idolatrous. Thank God my desire was for the truth, and it led me to rely on the message that Jesus is the word, way, light, and truth saying “before Abraham was, I Am.” God is love, calling and drawing us.

For me, this is demonstrated in magnetism. A magnet turned backward to a magnet doesn’t lose its power, but repels instead of pulls. Love turned backward is hate. Faith turned backward is fear.

Turning is always our choice. The Lord doesn’t force us to love Him. We turn to what we love. Edgar Allan Poe’s message was dark and self-consuming. Was he absolutely backward? Aldous Huxley turned to drugs for mystical experience. Others go beyond structure, turning to God, experiencing an ecstatic personal relationship immediately and intimately. Yes, these are just words, only hinting at that liquid-laughing-light available outside time and space beyond our wildest imagination.

Dorene Terryberry


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