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Wishing luck to immigration activists

I was reading the headlines regarding several Latino activists taking people by bus from California to Arizona to protest SB 1070. My question for the activists is did you read the bill? If not, you should read the bill, where you will learn, as I did, that there is nothing (nada, zip-zero, nothing) concerning racial profiling.

We all know the game plan for the 2010 mid-term elections. The Democrats are “beaugarding” the Latinos for their vote. It seems most Democrats running for re-election are running scared and rightfully so as they have made a mess of this country in the past 18 months. A few Democrats held town hall meetings last summer on the congressional break only to be shouted down by their constituents. So now the Democrats are going to support immigration reform (amnesty) to get that Latino vote.

If amnesty is granted to illegals in this country, the ones of all races who have successfully immigrated into the United States by rule of the law will be greatly disenfranchised. Maybe we should return to the Ellis Island policy for legal immigration into this great country.

I wish lots of luck to the activists traveling to Arizona to demonstrate. There are more important issues to be addressed at this point: the war in Afghanistan; the out of control unemployment rate; repeal of Obama care; the continuing saga of Freddie and Fanny that were not addressed in the financial overhaul. Maybe our priorities are in the wrong place.

Jim Lowery



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