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Panel clears way for Islamic center near Ground Zero

I was reading an article in USA Today concerning the approval of an Islamic cultural center and a mosque to be constructed near Ground Zero. Apparently the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission voted unanimously to deny protected historic status to a building that would be destroyed to build the Mosque and cultural center.

This action by New York City officials is totally out of line with public opinion; especially those who lost loved ones on September 11, 2001. So is it the revenue the cultural center and mosque will bring, or is the Islamist playing the citizens of the United States for “suckers?”

If the mosque and cultural center are built, this is a great coup for the Islamist extremist. This is in your face to United States citizens. It is interesting that White House spokesman Robert Gibbs, when asked about this subject, stated: “this is a local issue, not a national issue.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

Just several weeks ago, the Obama administration brought charges against the great state of Arizona over immigration issues. Is that not a state/local issue? So why does the Obama administration consider the mosque and cultural center a local issue, and does not want to get involved, but attempts to micro-manage the good citizens of Arizona? I bet al-Qaeda is laughing, saying, “Got-ya.”

Jim Lowery



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