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Two options means two options

As a frequent commuter between L.A. and Fallbrook, I’m growing frustrated with traffic on the existing State Route 76 (Pala Road).

The road is winding and dangerous, and expanding the eastern portion along the existing route will not only fail to resolve the problem, but the proposed highway median would pose an unacceptable fire evacuation risk to the communities that dot the landscape.

By law, Caltrans and other powers-that-be must prepare plans for two viable alternatives for the expansion, on which the citizens may have a say.

Unfortunately, the proposed southern route, while safer, is likely a red herring. From day one, politicians probably never took that route seriously. We’re told it’ll cost $140 million more (though we’ve never seen those numbers), and it has potential eminent domain issues. Why, then, was it even proposed?

If expanding the existing Pala is the only workable solution between the two current proposed routes, then the citizens must be provided with a legitimate second option. We know other possibilities exist; they’ve been proposed in previous studies. Bottom line: Plowing a four-lane highway with a median through small, traditional rural neighborhoods - and not allowing the people affected to say “no way!” is a perfect example of intrusive big government trampling our liberties.

I can’t imagine how any reasonable, cogent person could possibly support such super-far-left extremism. Get to work, Caltrans. You’re required to come up with a realistic alternative route.

James Kerwin

Los Angeles


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