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Get the edge on curb appeal

SAN DIEGO COUNTY - For home gardeners, lovely landscape dreams can quickly turn into nightmares if unwanted grass and weeds creep into flowerbeds and gardens. The easiest solution to this common dilemma is a solid, functional edge.

Edging forms a barricade against spreading turf grasses and migrating weeds. It also creates clean, neat lines between planting areas and holds mulch in place, which reduces surface evaporation and helps conserve water. When used properly, edging reduces the time and effort needed for landscape maintenance.

Today’s gardener can choose from a wide selection of edging products. Some edging styles do have notable drawbacks. Wood edging can be bulky to transport and rots over time. The sharp edges on metal edging can be especially hazardous when rusted.

From concrete to plastic to wood, there is a border for every taste and budget.

Practicality is not the only reason to place a functional border around landscape beds. Edging also adds aesthetic value by giving lawns a tidy, manicured look. A recent study indicates houses with tidy gardens, well-stocked flower beds and one or more trees sell quicker and for a better price than a comparable house without the horticultural additions.

So, homeowners can drop by a local nursery; pick up some plants and edging; then get busy boosting their property values. Increased worth is only a flowerbed away.


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