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How to close your pool after warm season ends

SAN DIEGO COUNTY – When the days begin to get shorter and cooler, it will be time to recognize that the pool season is over and move forward to close up the pool after months of enjoyment.

After a summer of swimming and relaxing, admitting that pool season is over can evoke feelings of melancholy. Preparing the yard for the changing season is something that can be easily accomplished with good planning.

Closing the pool properly helps prevent damage and ensures the pool water is as clean as possible for next season’s use. This greatly reduces the amount of prep work that needs to take place when the pool is opened next season. Here are some steps that should be taken.

• Remove skimmer baskets, chlorine tablet baskets, ladders, vacuums, and any other accessories from the pool.

• Test the pH, calcium harness and total alkalinity and do what's needed so that they are balanced. Follow manufacturer's guidelines for the correct levels. This will help avoid staining and etching from improper chemical levels.

• Give the pool one last shock treatment.

• Add a winterizing and algaecide treatment, following the manufacturer's guidelines.

• Many pools need to have the piping flushed so that residual water is not resting in piping and tubing. It is also recommended that the water level of the pool be drained so that it falls below the skimmer intake, helping to prevent water from making it back into the filtration system. There are also plugs and covers that can be used to seal the skimmer.

• Cover the pool with a durable pool cover and secure so debris doesn't make its way into the clean pool water. Some covers feature an inflated pillow that is put underneath in the middle so that water doesn't accumulate on the cover from rain and sink the cover.

• Drain the water out of the filter. Remove all plugs from equipment like pumps, heater, and chlorinator. Leave them out so that if water does get back in, it can drain out.

Experienced pool owners get used to opening and closing their pools every season. However, new pool owners may want to have a professional service come in and walk them through the process the first time. Some pool companies offer packages where the pool is opened and closed each season. Homeowners who have any doubts about closing the pool should consult a professional to safeguard their pool investment.


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