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There is already a mosque there

I can’t help but feel sorry that our political process has been taken over by the extremists. Case in point is the proposed new Islamic center in NYC within a few blocks of “Ground Zero.” It appears that my party, the GOP, is determined to make political capital out of this, irrespective of the real truth of the matter.

Firstly, there’s already a functioning mosque in the existing building, but my party doesn’t want to acknowledge that fact, spoils their overriding ‘slant’ on the matter. I’d be the first to admit, given the gut-wrenching tensions generated by the bereaved of 9-11, that this is not a good time to talk of a new mosque within two or three blocks of that tragic site. But it was revealed and now we must live with that fact.

If we can accept this truth as I do, that the 9-11 attack was as much abhorred by the US Muslim population as it was by the rest of us, we should be able to accept the fact that this new mosque will do much to enhance religious freedom and engender a mutual hatred of “real” terrorists and their practices.

Robert F. Green


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