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Nobody can live without water

I own a large lot with 1.75 acres fenced in and on which I have a small grove. I am required to pay FPUD’s “largest domestic lot” water rate. The latest water rates by FPUD are extreme.

My water consumption for July 2010 was 82 units at a cost of $364.36. This was an increase of $64.34 over the previous month due to FPUD’s latest huge water rate increase. Going back two years to July 2008, before these extreme water rate increases occurred, my water bill amounted to $276.60 for the same 82 units of water. Therefore, my water bill for 82 units of water increased by $87.78 in just two years. This is an increase of approximately 32 percent.

I have enough funding to pay this tremendous increase in needed water by cutting back on other expenses, but what about those senior Fallbrook citizens living on Social Security? As you all know, even though the cost of living increased by 2.7 percent during 2009, Social Security recipients did not receive any cost of living increase. What are these seniors supposed to do in order to pay their water bill increases? Eat only one meal a day? Cut out eating on Sundays? What?

Nothing on Mother Earth can live without water. Real environmentalists know that water when combined with carbon dioxide in the presence of sunlight and chlorophyll produce extremely important carbohydrates and oxygen. FPUD’s directors, by restricting water usage through pricing, are in reality anti-environmentalists.

Archie McPhee


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