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Re: 'American pride gone awry' [Letter, Village News, 8/19/10]

Mr. Orsino, your letter is full of falsehoods, and misleading statements. First, bank robbers, child molesters, con artists, murderers, rapists, drug dealers, kidnappers and many others, all are criminals. Another crime is illegal entry into the United States (breaking in and entering).

Mr. Orsino refuses to admit that this is even a crime. Let’s get to some facts. According to the IRS, 70 to 80 percent of all illegal aliens pay no income taxes. Fair estimates of what illegal aliens cost in public assistance, education, etc. is around 21 billion in California, 113 billion total for the whole United States.

About 30 percent of our prisons are filled with these non-Americans. Mr. Orsino, you claim that the “illegal immigrants are here just to work hard.” Wrong! A lot of Americans like Jamiel Shaw and Amy Korlan and many others were murdered by illegal aliens.

It would seem most Americans are afraid to admit that our own country is getting overpopulated and refuse to accept this. Mr. Orsino also claims that these poor workers must hide; this just isn’t true. They are in front of us every day.

Wake up America! Stop being so darn greedy. Twelve percent of people are unemployed in California alone. Hire an American instead. Need a temporary worker, contact People to People, Remember, illegal aliens are not a race; they are criminals and need to be deported. Support law and order. No amnesty.

David Stagg


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