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An unsupported claim drives the analysis of SR76 East DEIR

Caltrans is obliged to analyze two viable routes for SR76 East in the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) - the Existing Alignment and Southern Alignment. However, the DEIR makes an unsupported claim that kills the Southern Alternative.

The unsupported claim is that the Southern Alternative requires relocation of the Vessel’s Ranch. It also claims relocation alternatives for Vessel’s Ranch do not exist. So, Southern Alternative, R.I.P.!

The DEIR lacks any detailed analysis of marginal impacts to the ranch. But from DEIR maps and road specifications, it is easy to calculate that the Southern Alternative would take only 60 acres of the 2,000-acre ranch.

How can Caltrans claim that Vessel’s Ranch must be relocated when only three percent of the ranch land is taken? This misleading claim permeates the entire DEIR.

The DEIR steers route selection using a misleading premise. It is also silent on the Existing Alternative impacts on thousands of Fallbrook residents. It ignores 4, 000 plus petitions that we have provided to Caltrans supporting the Southern Alternative.

The DEIR is available at

Caltrans will host a public meeting on Sept. 23 at the Bonsall Community Center at 31505 Old River Road from 5 to 8 p.m. A stenographer will be available for comments or you may write or e-mail Caltrans by Nov. 2. For more information, go to the 76 Action Web site, You will never get a chance to vote on this, so make your opinions heard.

Frank Hainey


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