Clients call St. James Great Cuts & Color "Fallbrook's Little Secret"


Last updated 1/30/2014 at Noon

A satisfied customer sits inside St. James Great Cuts, where precision cutting, color, perms, and waxing are offered.

Many of the clients at St. James Great Cuts & Color have called the salon “Fallbrook’s Little Secret,” referring to the specialized and high-end experienced professional stylists at the establishment. By offering quality cut and custom color services at very reasonable rates, the salon attracts clients who have previously paid significantly more at expensive salons, giving them high-end value for affordable rates.

Using only Framesi color, St. James Great Cuts & Color owner Chris St. James said that she is very pleased with the product line and has used it for many years. Having owned and operated salons in California for the past three decades, St. James has a lot of experience as both a stylist and salon owner.

The Framesi hair care line, an Italian brand from the 1920’s, is the choice for many of the world’s leading colorists. The lush color hues are expertly blended by St. James Great Cuts & Color stylists, achieving a unique formula for each client. Containing actual diamond dust, the product’s result comes through in a healthy sheen. The Framesi product line not only covers gray very well, but offers a great selection of red tones, which come across vibrant yet natural. All of Framesi colors last longer and are easier on the hair, (with coconut oil in the developers) as it contains the least amount of ammonia than any hair color brand out there, said St. James. Perms, waxing, relaxing, glazing and deep conditioning are also offered.

St. James Great Cuts & Color has been operating in the Albertsons shopping center for seven years, and due to the unique location and demographics, has been quite successful, despite the struggling economy in recent years. Some high-end salons have gone out of business because of this factor and enabled the availability of expertly trained and licensed stylists. St. James Great Cuts & Color is proud to employ five of them.

With a concern for the environment, St. James Great Cuts & Color offers a “refill bar,” which enables the customer to bring in their empty bottle of product previously purchased from the salon, and refill it with a 20 percent discount.

St. James Great Cuts & Color is located at 1111 S. Mission Road, in the Albertsons shopping center and is open Monday through Saturday 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Call (760) 723-6166 or visit for more information.

St. James Great Cuts is located at 1111 S Mission Rd., Fallbrook.


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