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Monkey see, monkey do

Have you had a friend whose spelling skill was driven by the way they hear words pronounced? The result is often spelling embarrassment. Same is true for persons who declare their intent to be a professional, for instance, without understanding the structure and detailed processes necessary to meet professional standards of excellence.

The same is true of running the government of the fourth largest nation in the world and its 315 million people. The scale, scope and processes are staggering and beyond the belief of all but a few people with similar experience.

Unfortunately, we Americans don't take hiring a President seriously enough. We're willing to hire someone who will need at least a year of on-the-job training in the middle of heavy traffic. That someone may think they know on the basis of shallow or inaccurate observations how to operate the big USA.

We, the electorate, as the hiring authority, need to separate over-confidence and inaccurate preparation of any candidate before we hand him or her the reins of power. It can't be monkey see, monkey do.

John Watson

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