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This session is winding down

Assemblymember Marie Waldron

AD 75 – (R)

The Legislature recessed in July and returns Aug. 1. Hundreds of bills await final approval before the Legislature adjourns Aug. 31.

Several of my bills passed the Assembly and are currently pending in the Senate. These include AB 59, which extends the sunset date for Laura’s Law allowing counties to provide assisted outpatient treatment (AOT) for severely mentally ill, and AB 1754, which sets up a San Diego County pilot program to fund counseling services for elder and dependent adult victims of financial crimes from the Victim’s Crime Fund. In total, 12 of my bills made it through the Assembly this year.

Many important issues have already been decided. A balanced budget passed, though spending priorities remain skewed. Our crumbling highways were largely ignored (again), and the Department of Finance is predicting a return to deficit spending by 2019. Funding for schools will increase in line with voter mandates imposed by Prop. 98; the CSU and UC systems will also see additional funding. The budget was signed by Governor Brown on June 27.

A firearms-related bill package aimed largely at law abiding citizens, including requirements for background checks to purchase ammunition, became law. However, legislation aimed at criminals restoring felony status to all firearms thefts was vetoed, allowing theft of a firearm under $950 to remain a misdemeanor.

More controversy was generated by Senate passage of SB 1146. If passed by the Assembly, SB 1146 will limit religious freedom by allowing state interference with private colleges and universities in determining what can be considered religious practices at those institutions.

Heated debate about some very controversial issues will be likely as we head toward adjournment. There is still a lot of work to be done before the gavel goes down Aug. 31 at midnight.


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