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Moosa provides town updates at revitalization meetings

Roy Moosa, president of the Fallbrook Village Association, hosts a "revitalization meeting" the first Thursday of every month that is attended by members of various Fallbrook organizations, most of which are non-profits.

The meetings are held at 10 a.m. in the Fallbrook Public Utility District boardroom and are open to everyone. During the meetings, organization members explain what is happening with their groups and announce upcoming events.

"The purpose of the meetings is to help Fallbrook organizations support each other's events and avoid schedule conflicts," said Moosa. "It's also to develop, promote and support new ways of improving Fallbrook economically and physically."

During the meetings, Moosa gives an update on what's happening in Fallbrook. An owner of several businesses in town and an extremely active member of many groups and organizations (Fallbrook Community Planning Group, Fallbrook Historical Society, Fallbrook Vintage Car Club, to name a few), Moosa is on top of things.

Following are excerpts of comments made by Moosa at the revitalization meeting on Aug. 4.

On the Fallbrook Summer Nights/National Night Out event held July 29: "We (the Fallbrook Village Association) had another summer nights and it was hugely successful. It was a collaboration with law enforcement. It unfortunately came at a timely time as there had been a death (of a police officer) in San Diego County (on July 28).

"It was well attended and heartwarming to see people go up to law enforcement and thank them for their service. It was very touching and it accomplished its purpose.

"The biggest comments that I hear from most people (about summer nights) is that it is a unique Fallbrook experience. It is basically held for the town itself. It reminds people of the community aspect of Fallbrook. There's one more to go and that's Aug. 19. It will be a salute to the military."

On why there are not more Fallbrook summer nights events: "There have been comments – how come there are only three instead of six. The most realistic response is that it takes a lot of manpower to put these summer nights events together, and they are basically sponsored by the Village Association, and put together by literally four to five people. So it is a lot work. And at any point that we get more people that want to get involved, we'd do one every other day if we could. But that's the main reason."

Ona new bakery in town: "There is going to be a bakery at 139 Main. It's in escrow right now, but they hope to be open by the next summer nights event (Aug. 19). They're also going to be taking over the coffee shop there, and will continue it as a coffee shop but will combine it into a coffee shop/bakery."

On 127 West Social House, which was damaged by fire on April 7: "127 is undergoing demolition right now as far as having the rooms that caught fire being demolished and taken apart. They should be finishing that up in the next few days, and then bidding goes out for reconstruction. It is anticipated reconstruction will start at the end of August. We'll see how long that is going to take, but the goal is to hopefully be opening by January."

On the downtown parking lot by the library, which is managed by the Village Association: "That parking lot is being (targeted) to become a special event venue. It will still be considered a parking lot, but we're hoping to do larger special events there on weekends.

"One of the first steps in doing that is to get the alleyway (behind the businesses on the 100 block of S. Main) closed down so it no longer is open to through traffic. The application has been made with the county and filed, and letters have gone out to every business and property owner within 300 feet of the parking lot. Everyone is on board except for one person.

"That's the first step. Once the alley is closed, than an infrastructure will be created for that parking lot, which will include lighting, electrical, maybe fencing and a stage area. Then the hope is to start doing special events there – possibly next year's summer nights there."

On a possible New Year's Eve celebration: "A group has gotten together and is talking about plans about possibly putting together a New Year's Eve event in downtown Fallbrook. It would be something for Fallbrook residents and it would be over by 9 p.m., so they could still go home or go to their parties or whatever they normally do. But it is something that is in the talking phase, as far as what should it be, where should it be, what should happen. If anybody is interested in giving their input, contact the Village Association."

On a new '20-20 group': "There is a group called the '20-20 group' that is putting together a list of complaints to present to the county – to basically say to the county that we are being prevented from revitalizing ourselves because of the regulations you have imposed on us. This group is compiling that list and then is going to get some support from the community and then approach the county and say, 'We need to do something about it.'"


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