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Oak tree needs watering now

There is an ancient oak tree on Faubus Farms that had been receiving water the majority of its life, but as a result of CalTrans purchasing the farm for the continued construction of Hwy 76, the tree is currently under a great deal of stress because it has lost its water source.

My intention is to bring community awareness to the problem and perhaps persuade CalTrans, the Land Conservancy, or even the fire department, to water the tree in an effort to let it adjust to life without a continuous water source.

Oak trees are sturdy and it should survive on its own eventually, but I am concerned that it needs extra water during the readjustment period right now.

I have cared about this tree for more that 22 years. He is my old friend and I feel I am letting down. Please help it before it’s too late.

Célou Bonnet


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