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By Nathalie Taylor
Special to Village News 

Trupiano's Italian Bistro – A delicious part of Fallbrook's fabric


Last updated 3/28/2018 at 4:30pm

“Mama’s Tiramisu” – a delicate and lacy delight. Nathalie Taylor photos

Italian food has always been a combination of boldness and grace. The bold nutty flavors of parmesan cheese – and the grace of the sweet and cloud-like mascarpone are just two examples of the range of flavors found on the Italian food palette. One culinary master who brings life to food with this range of flavors – swirling them on his artist’s palette – is Faro Trupiano.

He established Trupiano's Italian Bistro in 2004; and it has been a success since he first opened the doors. The combination of his love for people, passion for food and penchant for perfection ensures that his success will continue. Don’t just take my word for it. Over the years, Faro has been honored with an impressive amount of awards for his innovative entrées.

About twenty-five percent of the menu items are created by Faro, inspired, in part, by his travels in Italy. However, the majority of recipes are his mother’s, who has always been an inspiration.

“My mom is the best cook in the entire world and she taught me most everything I know. With limited ingredients she would produce these awesome meals.”

Faro stays current with the latest trends in the culinary world, occasionally departing from the traditional. Why? Because there are so many regulars, he likes to give them new tastes.

“Ravioli del Giorno” or “Ravioli of the Day,” is a menu special that Faro

developed. Because there are so many possibilities that begin with these flat pasta packages called ravioli, he will probably never run out of ideas. The house-made green creamy pesto sauce drizzled over the ravioli was a blast of color on the plate, and made a flashy presentation. When my fork cut through the soft ravioli, I discovered spinach and ricotta cheese – more color and more flavor! Diced tomatoes and feta cheese complemented this marvelous dish perfectly. These ravioli make you feel like you are sitting around a table in some Italian courtyard surrounded by friends and fragrant air. It has a fresh, back-to-the-garden flavor.

Trupiano’s tiramisu is straight from Sicily by way of Faro’s mother who emigrated from that area of Italy while still in her twenties. “Mama’s Tiramisu” is a delicate delight that begins with lady finger cookies layered with mascarpone cheese, then dusted with cocoa.

When I first saw the inventive cocoa dusting design and the enticing dark swirls of chocolate on the plate I thought, “Tempting isn’t the word. This is beyond tempting.” When I first stuck my fork into the dessert I felt like I was destroying a work of art.

Trupiano’s version outshines any others I have tried. One difference I noticed was the fact that the lady fingers were not completely saturated in alcohol like some I have tasted. Faro said it’s because they lightly dip the cookies in a mixture of Kahlua, brandy and espresso, then let it soak overnight. The cookies are flavored, but not overcome by the alcohol.

“Nothing is overpowering. We want you to taste all of the flavors, not just one,” Faro explained.

The mascarpone is incredibly light, but makes its presence known by the marvelous flavor. When my fork sliced through the dessert it felt like it was passing through a cloud.

“The Italian translation for ‘tiramisu’ is ‘pick me up’ or ‘lift me up,’” Faro commented, “so it should be light and airy.”

Trupiano’s Italian Bistro has really become part of the fabric of Fallbrook; and after so many years in the business Faro continues to enjoy it.

A delicious Trupiano’s special is the spinach and ricotta cheese ravioli drizzled with creamy pesto sauce.

“I am thankful for the appreciation and support of the people,” he noted. “The more they give me, the more I want to give them. I feel that with the people of Fallbrook behind me I can do anything. I don’t know what could possibly happen that would ever make me want to leave.”

He describes his restaurant as a “neighborhood – feel good restaurant”. “The day of the election I had an incredibly busy night. There was so much emotion and anxiety because of the uncertainty in the world, but there was certainty at Trupiano’s – people were surrounded by friends and enjoying a feel-good meal.”

Trupiano’s Italian Bistro is located at 945 South Main Avenue, Fallbrook. Contact them by telephone at (760) 728-0200, or find them online at:


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