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Why we practice brain health


Last updated 5/27/2017 at Noon

The brain communicates through the spinal cord and the vast network of the nervous system to control every function of the body. From neuromusculoskeletal health, control and function to immune system regulation, the entire body depends on the brain as the central organizing and regulating system. When the brain works right, the body works right. I learned this principle when I was in college.

My focus is on correcting the stress and interference that disrupts the nervous system’s control over all the body’s systems. Over time, this improved control enhances the function between the brain and the entire body, dramatically improving aspects of both mental and physical health.

When we provide our patients with overall cellular health and resilience, help them experience lower inflammatory states and improve brain and nerve function, we can revolutionize longevity and their quality of life. In my experience, the formula for optimal well-being is: Improve your brain by enhancing neuroplasticity, conduction and function; this improvement equals resilience to disease.

How can a focus on all three variables transform relationships and work life? Let’s step back for a minute. Research has shown that we can improve the way the brain functions. Over a three-year period with approximately 100 volunteers, I studied brain function and monitored them with electroencephalogram before and after brain adjustments or corrections.

After receiving a correction, post-EEG scans revealed improvement in all areas of brain function. This improvement is referred to as positive neuroplasticity and positive neuro-physiological coherence. Optimal care in the 21st century should not only focus on removing brain stem interference, but also on directly improving total cellular health and resilience, as well as measuring and maximizing the function of the central nervous system.

Increased brain function of the mind and body can be achieved, and the journey of total well-being is not some elusive, mysterious goal without measurement or definition. Because a set of critical fatty acids dictate cell membrane health as well as major pro- and anti-inflammatory hormones, there is what I call a central class of nutrients critical to all well-being: the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Life has been designed and evolved around fat. There are numerous historical records proving to this truth. Without fatty acids in large amounts, cell membranes are dysfunctional, which creates a cascade of intracellular and extracellular problems with dramatic tissue and organ damage and high inflammatory states; especially when we apply even just a minimal amount of external stress.

Americans walk around with inflammatory time bombs inside of them. A little stress can cause an explosion, or we live our lives with fiery levels of inflammation leading to premature arthritis, cancer, heart disease, dementia or genetic dysfunction. Our fatty acids dictate not just the inflammatory state of our cells, tissues and organs but on their overall resilience and gene expression over time.

With the new science behind epigenetics, we know that not only the phrase “we are what we eat” is true, but perhaps “our children are what we eat” is a better description. Our brains grow and restore function based on a necessary amount of high eicosapentaenoic acid and docosahexaenoic acid or EPA and DHA in our diet. Without it, young or old, we are in trouble.

Fatty acids dictate the health and function of the brain and nervous system whether you are pregnant carrying a child or you are an 83-year-old man having trouble remembering your grandchild’s name. If we create dysfunction in the brain stem, we create total chaos – central control of all organs is off; relationships are damaged, further self-damaging behaviors ensue and more specific end organ dysfunction and disease result if we don’t get killed or kill ourselves before it hits.

We promote health and total well-being very simply and efficiently with our comprehensive assessments that quantifies brain health. We measure fatty acids on a cellular level, which defines the nutritional health of neural membranes reflecting resilience and inflammatory status.

This evaluation includes omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid levels. We measure the health of all cell membranes, not only plasma and serum the way most medical labs do. We also measure functional performance and efficiency in the brain to find out how well the person is organizing and regulating various functions.

With advances in dried blood laboratory tests, we now have a window to look in and see how healthy cell membranes are. We can quantify critical fatty acid biomarkers from a simple finger-stick, blood-spot test to define cell membrane and inflammatory health and to correlate some of that data with the metrics around cognitive functions like attention, memory, executive function and cognitive flexibility.

We are living in the age of “big biochemical data,” and if presented properly, it will revolutionize the health of patients. In the future, it will allow us to detect problems at the cellular brain level. The cellular level often reveals what can happen long before clinical manifestation at the tissue and organ level has developed. We are able to restore and revitalize cellular health and functional brain health. It changes everything.

The omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acid ratio is critical for brain function, heart health, immunity, joint health, pain syndromes and much more. I believe that everyone should have their omega-3 and omega-6 ratio tested to see if they are in the “target ratio” of 1-2.

Most peer reviewed studies suggest that Americans have a ratio which is 20:1 or greater, clearly 10-20 times higher than normal, which contributes to a much higher risk of having chronic illness of the brain and body.

As Americans, we must recognize that we have an epidemic on our hands at the most basic fundamental level of life, the cellular level. However, focusing only on nutritional change to cellular health would cause us to miss a huge opportunity, we also need to measure the cognitive health of these cells, tissues and organs. It will communicate a strong message to the people we serve, regarding how much they will benefit.

Hopefully, we all understand why chasing numbers doesn’t create true health. We need to provide numbers in the context of the quality of life and function. With today’s technology, we can now explain how the nutritional environment, cellular and hormonal balance relate to one another and are all controlled by the brain and nervous system.

With a tool that measures these critical factors, we can create awareness in patients around the conditions they have today but also help them improve their well-being. These new tools will help develop true brain function and longevity, give people a road map to overcome disease and allows them a chance to achieve real health.

Our brain health care provides insight, which isn’t available anywhere else. My medical friends are completely guilty of ignoring their ability to optimize the most important component of human health: the brain, nervous system and the specific cellular health of the entire body.

We have turned lab values into numbers reflecting risk of disease that must be in certain “zones” rather than demonstrating how their numbers correlate directly to imbalanced chemistry. Resilience to cellular dysfunction represents our highest priority beyond acute pain relief.

Brain health should be a top priority for patients and their families and can be achieved with just a little education. Now making a few changes can dramatically impact a person’s quality of life in a positive way.

We can now help develop a powerful wellness journey to improve brain function by generating new brain cell growth, which in turn improves the overall health of a body.

For over 40 years Dr. Terry A Rondberg, owner of the Omega Brain Health and Nutrition Center, has utilized chiropractic, acupuncture and Ayurvedic medicine to heal people. He then earned a Diplomate in Energy Medicine, where he developed a cutting-edge system using the latest technologies in neuroscience, bioenergy and nutrition to help people of all ages achieve maximum health and fight chronic illnesses and pain. He is a best-selling author. For information, call (951) 699-5000.


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