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Supervisors approve new airpark leases with McDaniel Brothers

The San Diego County board of supervisors approved two new leases with McDaniel Brothers for 39.14 acres at Fallbrook Community Airpark.

The supervisors’ 4-0 vote April 26, with Greg Cox addressing National Association of Counties matters, replaced two existing leases, which were scheduled to expire April 30, 2018, with leases which will commence Aug. 1 and expire July 31, 2027.

“McDaniel Brothers has been a responsible tenant," said Supervisor Bill Horn. "I’m happy to renew a lease that will enable reinvestment in avocado farming in the Fallbrook community.

The board approved two non-aviation leases for McDaniel Brothers Partnership to operate avocado groves on county airport lands in May 2000. The leaseholds were re-assigned to McDaniel Brothers in February 2003. Later, a pair of 10-year leases for the 17.34-acre north property and the 21.80-acre south area were approved by the board of supervisors in March 2008 and replaced the previous leases.

McDaniel Brothers requested new 10-year leases, which will allow for longer-range crop planning. Stumping avocado trees is considered routine maintenance for an avocado grove since it leaves more water for the rest of the trees and ensures that the trees do not grow to unmanageable heights.

McDaniel Brothers plans to stump approximately 200 trees on the south property and 100 trees on the north property, which would eliminate crops on those trees for one to three years and which has an estimated cost between $22,500 and $30,000.

The leases are based on a percentage of net sales with a guaranteed annual minimum. The rent of 15 percent of net sales will remain the case for both leaseholds. The initial minimum annual guaranteed rent was increased from $5,515 to $6,000 for the north leasehold and from $6,934 to $7,500 for the south leasehold, and those minimum guarantees are subject to annual cost of living adjustments.

The Fallbrook Airpark Advisory Committee voted 4-0, with one absent member, Feb. 6 to recommend approval of the new leases.


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