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Fallbrook businesses 60 years ago


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This year's Sourcebook included profiles of many Fallbrook, Bonsall, and Rainbow current businesses. The businesses in the area were different 60 years ago.

In 1957, all of Fallbrook's phone prefixes were RAndolph 8, ZIP codes did not exist, and many homes and businesses did not have specific street numbers and their mail was addressed to boxes on a postal route.

The Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce was promoting community businesses from its office at 124 South Main Street (which formally is Main Avenue). The real estate industry was also promoting the sale of residences or other properties in Fallbrook.

Avocado Realty was located at 237 East Juniper; Dethlefs Realty was at 410 South Main; Fallbrook Real Estate Company utilized 318 South Main for the offices of Pamela Van der Linden, Ethel Waller, and Mark Gallagher; realtor Helen Gates had her office at 1010 South Main; Mike Hall Realty was based at 634 South Main; Arthur Kimball had "K" Realty Mart at 1660 East Mission; George Lancaster had both a real estate business and a State Farm office at 108 South Main; Vince O'Hearn had a real estate office on Mission Road; Reineman Real Estate or L.A. Reineman Realty on South Mission Road featured Lester Reineman along with associate B.J. Maher and salesman Bill Huss; United Farm Agency Real Estate was at 208 East Juniper, and Raymond Wayman & Company Real Estate had an office at 429 Main.

The property sold was either already built or was purchased for future buildings, and plenty of Fallbrook contractors or other building businesses were available for the improvements.

Ceramic tile contractor Nelson Bender was based at 807 East Alvarado; contractor Lauren Bolton operated out of 1412 East Mission Road; contractors Brewer & Frye utilized two addresses as Donald and Aloth Brewer were at 1535 South Main while George and Ruby Frye had the 926 Old Stage Road property; building contractor Buster Roberson was known as Buster the Builder and was at 595 Ammunition Road.

General contractors Donath and Pierce, Inc., were based at 753 West Elder; masonry and cement contractor Frank E. Dunlap had Post Office Box 381; general contractor Harry Enigenburg was located at 221 North Pico Street; George M. (Bud) Francis owned Francis Digging and Trenching at 828 North Main; Ray Grantham had Grantham Plastering at 1652 East Mission Road; the Mats Building, Inc. office was at 108 South Main; Floyd Olive Grading and Blacktopping was located at 510 East Porter Street; D.F. Orcutt headed Orcutt Brothers General Contractors on La Canada Drive; general contractor L.W. Peterson was based at 1044 South Old Stage Road; Snow Irrigation Engineering Company was located at 1005 South Main, and Wiley Brothers on Ammunition Road supplied rock, sand, and transit mix. Val Figueroa at 906 South Main provided welding, pipeline construction, and trenching services.

Construction oversight included the County of San Diego's building inspection division whose office was at 130 East Alvarado. That location was also the site of several other county facilities including the agricultural commissioner, the justice court under judge Harry Smelser, the Sheriff's Department, and the County Library branch. San Diego County Road Station #32 was on Hill Street. The county facilities also included Live Oak Park.

State government offices in Fallbrook included the California Department of Corrections in Rainbow, the California State Division of Forestry De Luz and Red Mountain stations, and the California Division of Highways San Luis Rey main station.

What is now the Mission Resource Conservation District was once

known as a soil conservation district. The Soil Conservation Act

was passed in 1935 in response to the Dust Bowl of that era and created the Soil Conservation Service branch of the United States Department of Agriculture. Soil conservation districts worked in conjunction with the Soil Conservation Service, which in Fallbrook was located at 122 South Main. The Soil Conservation Service is now the Natural Resources Conservation Service and is still part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Local governments include school districts and special districts as well as counties. Fallbrook Union Grammar School was at 405 South Hill and Fallbrook Union High School could be reached by mail at P.O. Box 388. The Vallecitos School District address was Route 2, Box 163.

The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California had a Rainbow division on Old Highway 395. The Fallbrook Public Utility District office was on South Main. The Rainbow Municipal Water District address was 124 South Main. The Moro Public Utility address was Route 1, Box 81. The Fallbrook Sanitary District had facilities at 1019 South Main and 204 South Main, and the Fallbrook Fire Department was also at 1019 South Main.

San Diego Gas & Electric also had an address of 204 South Main, and its Rainbow Station address was Route 1, Box 184.

Some properties were served by mutual water companies rather than by water districts. The Cononita Mutual Water Company was on Pala Road, the San Luis Rey Heights Mutual Water Company was in Bonsall, and the Winterhaven Mutual Water Company had the address of Route 1, Box 109.

Coverage of local governmental activity as well as other local news was provided by the Fallbrook Enterprise. Fallbrook's weekly paper in 1957 was headquartered at 232 South Main.

Those who wanted to live in Fallbrook but not in a house had additional options. The El Real Hotel at 123 South Main had weekly rates and also had a cocktail lounge and restaurant. Dell's Motel was at 402 North Main. Those who desired trailer residences could utilize Fallbrook Motel and Trailer Park at 1036 South Main, Juniper Trailer Park at 230 East Juniper Street, Reppert's Trailer Court at 915 South Main, or Trailerville at 435 Ammunition Road.

Various home maintenance or home and garden improvements were available from Burt Electric Company at 724 Stage Coach Lane; Brea Liquid Fertilizers on Lilac Road; Calvert Tractor which was on Star Route 1 and owned by U.E. Calvert; Custom House Drapery and Upholstering at 109 North Main; Even Aire Heating and Ventilating at 1264 South Alturas; Fallbrook Carpet Company at 116 West Alvarado; Fallbrook Electric Company at 737 South Main; Fallbrook Floor Covering at 106 East Juniper; Fallbrook Lumber Company at 735 South Main; H.I. Frost Septic Tank Pumping Repairs and Installation which was the business of Howard I. Frost on Winterwarm Road.

Mark Hanna Plumbing had no listed address. Other businesses included Hroch Sheet Metal at Iowa and Dougherty, Joe Kniefle Equipment Rentals on Brooke Road, Carlton Lloyd Tractor and Heavy Equipment whose yard was at South Main and Naval Ammunition Depot Road, North County Fertilizer and Supply Company at 1260 South Main, plumbing contractor Frank Navarro at 521 DeLuz Road, Pine Tree Lumber Company at 215 East Ivy, Pioneer Painters at 304 North Main, Rainbow Roofing Company on Route 2, and welder George Saunders at 555 West Clemmens Lane.

Taylor's Plumbing and Heating was at 117 East Ivy Street and owned by Henry Taylor, and painting contractor Forest Trichka was at 330 East Fig Street. Garbage and rubbish contractor Hoddy and Mikkelson was based at 136 East Elder Street.

Home insurance and other insurance services could be provided by Bill Birt Insurance at 428 South Main, George Lancaster through his State Farm office at 108 South Main, Prudential agent Bill Lattimer on Willow Glen Road, Stu Marshall Insurance at 114 North Main, and Prudential agent Dewie Turner at 522 Minnesota Street.

Automobiles could be purchased at Cardon Dodge and Plymouth at 200 North Main and owned by C.W. Cardon or from the 1200 South Main dealership known both as Heller Ford Sales and Vince Dixon Ford. On the other side of an automobile's lifecycle Wolfe Auto Wrecking was on Beech Street.

Train patrons could utilize the Santa Fe Depot at 336 East Alvarado Street. Fallbrook Trucking Company was at 516 West Aviation Road. Fallbrook Taxi Service and Fallbrook Cab Company were headquartered at 823 North Orange. Reed's Taxi operated out of 135 South Main, as did Reed's Pool Hall. Southern California Freight Lines could be reached care of Wernicke Feed Store on Green Canyon Road.

Gasoline and auto repairs were available at several Fallbrook area locations. Dennler's Rainbow Service Station was on Highway 395 "in the heart of Rainbow", and Everett Dennler also owned Dennler's Expert Lubrication. Galloway Shell Station was located at South Main and Ammunition Road. Jack Lee had Lee's Mobil Service Station at 706 South Main.

Mac's Union Station was at 128 East Juniper Street. Anthony Petrolane Gas Service had a station at 812 South Main. Don Radmacher owned Radmacher Chevron Service at 337 North Main. Richfield Service Station was located at 607 South Main. Standard Oil Company had a location at 560 East Alvarado. Star and Crescent Oil Company and Tidewater Oil Company were both at 213 South Main. Union Oil Products had a Gird Canyon Road location. Wolfe's Flying A Service was located at 215 South Main.

Hank Bacon Brake Service and Bacon Brake Shop performed work at Main and Beech. Henry Billet Garage was at 1208 South Main. Fallbrook Body and Fender Works made repairs at 748 East Juniper. Fallbrook Garage was located at 217 East Alvarado St. W.H. Fuller owned Fuller's Garage whose automotive repairs were at 232 North Wisconsin Ave. G&H Garage repaired automobiles at 1226 East Mission Road. Hayes Garage and Motor Company utilized Post Office Box 573. Mahr's Auto Supply had the 507 South Main premises. Western Auto Supply Company was at 110 North Main.

Although Fallbrook didn't have what was billed as a general store, two of those existed in Bonsall in 1957. Jon Dell General Store was at Hwy. 76 and Via Monserate and included a coffee shop, groceries, and gas. Perry's General Store was also located in Bonsall.

In Fallbrook, The Corner Store and Stryson's Meat Market sold items at 127 East Juniper; Norm's Valley Market was also on East Juniper Street; Valley Market was located at 805 East Mission; Reader's Fallbrook Mercantile was at 105 North Main; Huscher's Froz-n-Food Center was at 287 East Alvarado; Marshall's 5&10 was at 128 North Main; Olsen Food Store was at 310 West Alvarado, and Safeway Store had an address of P.O. Box 335.

Crown Liquor Store was at 138 South Main and Gino's Liquor Store was located at 522 South Main. Dutch Bakery had a store at 133 North Main.

Today dairy products are almost always purchased in stores, but at one time dairies delivered to homes as well as supplied stores with milk and other products. Rancho Viejo Dairy was producing dairy products for Fallbrook residents as was Story's Dairy on Mission Road.

For simple dining rather than take-home food purchases, Burt's Cafe was at 936 South Main; Hooley's Restaurant hosted diners at 108 West Hawthorne; Lee's Cafe was at 145 South Main; Larry's Cafe had the 139 South Main premises; Mel's Root Beer was at 241 North Main; Richardson's Drive-In was at 536 South Main; Tommy's Cafe served food at 131 South Main, and Tim's Tiny Acres Restaurant had the Rainbow address of Route 2, Box 194. Village Candy Shop provided less than a meal and was at 414 South Main.

The food-related businesses in Fallbrook also included agricultural producers. Avocado Shippers, Inc., was on South Main; Calavo Growers of Southern California was on Brandon Road; Damron Avocado Nursery was also sometimes called Damron Citrus and Avocado and was at 741 East Alvarado; B.M. McDonald Avocado Nursery was on McDonald Road; King Salad Avocado Company operated out of 310 East Alvarado; La Granja Avocado Nursery on Hwy. 395 had Box 112 on Route 2; Miles Avocado Nursery mail could be addressed to Route 1, Box 51; Lochmiller Avocado Buyers was at 1260 South Main; San Diego County Berries, Inc., utilized the 129 East Hawthorne property; Table Praise Avocado Company was based at 431 South Main, and United Avocado Growers was at 526 West Alvarado.

The Fallbrook Citrus Association was at 202 West College Street and the Fallbrook Agricultural Library was located at 521 East Elder Street.

Dulin Ranch utilized Post Office Box 2 in Bonsall; Hennesy Three Star Ranch and Pala Rey Ranch were also in Bonsall; Pala Ranch was on State Route 76, and Red Mountain Ranch was on East Mission Road.

Fallbrook and the surrounding area also had several nurseries. Atkins Nursery was on Highway 395; Stirling S. Tompkins' River Road Nursery was at 251 East Juniper; and Judy's Cactus Garden was on Highway 395 with the postal address Route 2, Box 216A.

When the livestock weren't grazing they were given food or other items from other local stores. Fallbrook Feed and Implement Company was on South Main. Main Street Ranch Supply was at 1005 South Main. Rancho Soudan Feed Store in Rainbow was on Highway 395 with the address Route 2, Box 219.

Items for more domestic animals could be obtained from Paddy's Pet and Supply Shop at 414 South Main. Red's Saddle Shop was located at 116 West Alvarado. Animals either in less than full health or due for check-ups were taken to Fallbrook Veterinary Hospital at 216 South Main.

Humans being seen by doctors utilized various offices around town. The office of Dr. Richard Fiala was at 103 Vine; Dr. Morrey Jameson had an office at 213 North Main; Dr. Edwin R. Powell saw patients at 308 East Juniper; Dr. Milton Simon worked out of 307 South Main; Dr. D.R. Stevenson handled non-hospital patients at 322 Orange, and general practitioner Roland Mason was located on Sandia Creek.

Dentist Newton Calhoun was at 306 East Juniper. Laurel Shockey was the local optometrist and had his office at 131 North Vine. The location of the Fallbrook Hospital Association was 331 South Main. The Fallbrook branch of the American Red Cross was at 303 South Main.

In the event that a doctor's treatment wasn't sufficient, Berry-Bell Mortuary was at 333 Vine while manager Charles Ross was located at 304 North Orange.

Two stores also had pharmacy status. Fallbrook Pharmacy was at 122 North Main and Harrison's Rexall Pharmacy was at 101 North Main.

Doctors weren't as subject to malpractice lawsuits as they are today possibly because fewer attorneys existed. Those needing legal services in Fallbrook in 1957 could seek the services of P.W. Willett, whose office was at 723 East Alvarado. Accountant services were provided by Clark W. Smith at 2203 Gum Tree Lane.

The business at 110 East Hawthorne provided both services and goods; Floyd Ahrend was a professional photographer and also owned Fallbrook Camera Shop. Ahrend's subjects could be outfitted by Port's men's clothing store at 127 North Main, El Rancho Men and Boy's Wear at 201 North Main, Vivienne's Sport Shop at 115 North Main which provided women's clothing, Dorothy's at 118 North Main which sold lingerie, Merry-Go-Round Children's Shop at 136 North Main, and Fallbrook Shoe Shop at 132 South Main.

Self-made clothing could be developed through purchases from Murray's Fabrics at 116 North Main. Manor Cleaners at 114 East Juniper and Fallbrook Launderette at 121 East Alvarado Street allowed worn clothes to be clean enough for photographs.

Jewelry was available from Ward's Jewelers at 110 South Main and from Clemons Gifts and Jewelers, which was also called Clemons Gift Shop, at 119 North Main. Photographic appearances were also enhanced by Red's Barber Shop and Ava's Beauty Salon at 219 North Main, Fallbrook Barber Shop at 126 South Main, Irene's Permanent Wave Studio at 123 East Alvarado, and Village Barber Shop at 334 North Main.

In addition to Clemons Gift Shop, gifts and other items were also sold at Glad's Flower and Gift Shop at 127 Alvarado St. and Ruby's Trading Post at 115 East Alvarado. Claar's Stationery was at 113 North Main.

Other household items were available from Paul Casteel Radio and Appliances at 205 North Main; Fallbrook Appliance at 141 South Main, and Fallbrook Mattress Shop at 411 North Main. Wells Hardware was at 103 South Main; Fallbrook Hardware Company was at 102 South Main, and Baker Brothers Saw Works was on Highway 395 with the mailing address Route 2, Box 116. The 102 East View Street business known both as Rasneor Trophy Sales and Fallbrook Sales Company sold trophies, medals, pins, and emblems.

Morgan's Music Center was located at 123 North Main. Fred's Piano Tuning operated out of 208 East Juniper. Piano and organ teacher Margaret Francis was at 828 North Main.

Mission Theater showed films at 231 North Main. Janet Monahan's Plays had the address of Route 1, Box 155. Harvey Dance Studio taught dance and drama on Old Stage Road and on South Orange.

The businesses serving businesses also included Dick Robinson sign painting at 420 Ammunition Road, Fallbrook Patrol Service at 1030 Hillcrest Lane, and Paulson Manufacturing Corporation in Rainbow which had mail sent to Route 2, Box 198. Bank of America at 135 Ivy St. had both business and non-business customers.

The Fallbrook businesses and government facilities were joined by

churches and non-profit organizations. The Christian Science Church was at 538 North Main with a Christian Science Reading Room at 114 North Main. Fallbrook's Assembly of God Church held services at 112 North Pico Street. First Baptist Church was at 125 West Hawthorne. First Church of God was located at 126 West Ash. Foursquare Community Church was on East Alvarado. Fallbrook's Methodist Church utilized 215 South Hill. St. John's Episcopal Church services were at 1837 East Mission. St. Peter's Catholic Church had Mass at 405 West Fig. The Seventh Day Adventist Church was on Iowa Avenue. Zion Lutheran Church had P.O. Box 11 for its address. Fallbrook's Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints had no listed address.

Some of the service clubs had their own buildings while others used post office boxes. The Fallbrook Bona Dea Club was at 1288 South Alturas. Fallbrook Masonic Temple activities took place at 165 Hill Street. The Fallbrook Rotary Club had an address of 40 South Vine Street. The Fallbrook Woman's Club was at 238 West Juniper although the Fallbrook Junior Women's Club used P.O. Box 64. American Legion Post 776 had the address of P.O. Box 403. Fallbrook Lions Club mail was sent to P.O. Box 61. The Fallbrook 20-30 Club could be contacted through P.O. Box 452. The Rebekah Olive Lodge had P.O. Box 672.


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