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Posture reveals all as SAM helps chiropractors see your health


Last updated 9/1/2017 at Noon

Dr. Scott Vance explains the results of a spinal screening he did for Helen Lange during the Mini Wellness Fair at Fallbrook Library, Aug. 3, while Dick Blesoe listens to him. Lucette Moramarco photo

Scott Vance, D.C.

Special to the Village News

The spinal analysis machine (seen in photo), more commonly known as SAM, is an effective way for chiropractors to assess clients who possess imbalances with their posture. My patients call me “The No Crack Chiropractor”, because of my activator technique. I also utilize the SAM to teach people about the effects of poor posture on their body and overall health.

The spinal analysis machine is mainly utilized in the initial assessment or evaluation. It allows the chiropractor to quickly gauge how bad your posture is. Then an effective treatment plan can be established. Although it sounds like a complex piece of machinery, it is quite user friendly.

The patient stands upright with each foot on a different scale, looking straight ahead, and the professional then moves behind the patient and aligns one set of strings with the head, shoulders and waist of the person being tested. A second set of strings, usually a different color, is also arranged to show what “normal” body alignment should look like. Comparing the two different positions of the strings highlights any posture imbalances.

Many chiropractors use some form of spinal analysis as it is an incredibly effective teaching tool and allows their patients to see their postural problems. It is also another measure to assess how treatment is affecting posture.

Posture is of paramount importance to your overall health. Good posture not only protects you against back and neck pain, it also improves function of abdominal organs, increases breathing and oxygen intake, and can prevent headaches.

Poor posture is the most common source of pain and poor performance in activities. It leads to muscle tightness, poor balance, faulty movements, injury and pain. It creates hidden problems that sneak up on your later, creating pain that comes on out of nowhere.

Poor posture can also cause deterioration of the bones, joints and ligaments. If your body slightly leans to one side placing 10-20 lbs more pressure on the joints of your right hip, knee and ankle; just imagine what that does over a 20

year span.

“Text Neck” is a new phrase coined for bad posture. This is where the neck is bending forward to look at smart phones and tablets. The increased angle greatly increases the amount of weight applied to the neck. This is a growing epidemic the more addicted we are to our beloved technology.

For an easy self assessment, the next time you look in the mirror; don’t look at your beautiful face. Look at what your head does. Does it lean forward or is it tilted to one side? Look to see if your shoulders are even or if one is higher than the other? Do your shoulders roll forward? These are all indicators of poor posture habits that will lead to dysfunction if not corrected.

My goal as a chiropractor is to help patients live a pain free life. Constant pain is not a lifestyle.

If you have questions about your posture or would like to have a free postural screening event at your school or place of business, call my office at (909) 728-2800.

Scott Vance DC is the owner of Vance Chiropractic Inc. in Bonsall.


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