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Annual screening for prostate cancer set for Sept. 30

FALLBROOK – The Fallbrook Regional Health District is teaming up with Dr. Philip Brodak of the Tri-Valley Urology Medical Group and the Fallbrook Family Health Center again this year to offer a free prostate cancer screening opportunity Saturday, Sept. 30 from 7 to 9 a.m.

It will be held at Fallbrook Family Health Center, 1328 S. Mission Road (next to Northgate Market).

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men in the United States after skin cancer. It competes with lung cancer as the leading cause of death among men. Early diagnosis and treatment are the best defense. There are varying opinions on the value and importance of screenings for this disease condition. The opinions are just that – opinions.

Determination of treatment is a matter to be decided by the individual in consult with his physician. A screening is an indicator that additional medical attention may be warranted. Just as an electrocardiogram, a pap smear, a mammogram or a high cholesterol reading may be an indicator that additional medical attention is warranted, the PSA screening with a blood test and an exam informs that there may be health concerns that should be attended.

The PSA blood study and digital exam are provided at no charge to men who live in Bonsall, De Luz, Fallbrook or Rainbow. It is recommended that men over the age of 50 have a prostate screening on an annual basis. Men who have a family history of prostate cancer should begin to have evaluations at least by age 40.

Dr. Brodak and many others volunteer their time to make this program possible. Results of the exam and blood study are confidentially provided to each individual. Follow-up on results of the studies is the responsibility of each individual.

Approximately 1,300 free screenings have been provided to individuals over the last 11 years. The majority of those tested were within normal range on both components of the screening. There are however, each year, those whose test findings indicated the need for additional evaluation due to abnormal findings in one or both areas of the screening. For some, it was a screening without which their condition may not have been identified and addressed early enough for intervention. It is crucial that each individual follow-up with his physician when abnormal results are reported to him.

The Fallbrook Regional Health District is proud of this annual program for the men of this community. This offering aligns with the district’s mission of promoting the health of the people of the district and enhancing access to sustainable quality health services.

The district urges all men to consider the screening as it applies to them – either by age or by family history – and to invest their time in their personal health and well-being. Appointments are required. Call to schedule: in English, (760) 731-9187 or in Spanish, (760) 451-4728.


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