By Ian Murdock
Special to the Village News 

'All the Money in the World' is a deeply moving gem


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This inspiring and edgy recount of the infamous John Paul Getty, and his grandson, is spun masterfully – combining precious family moments with heartless ones.

Christopher Plummer and Michelle Williams ('Manchester by the Sea') mesmerize the audience with cat and mouse-like performances (or should I say lion and seemingly far weaker prey) – the audience feeling the claw marks and scratches of desperation from one side, while witnessing the clever roar and thunder of power from the opposition, it being subtly wielded with “apparent” ease.

Mark Wahlberg plays Getty’s “adviser” and does so well, even if in his slightly typical, ever stoic, form. The grandson – a new face to me – was exceptional both in his innocence, frailty, and determination. The performances throughout this film are haunting, Plummer and, in particular, Williams stealing the show.

The writer takes an extremely high profile piece of history and delights the crowd with scene after scene of intrigue, whether through genuine action or scintillating dialogue – allowing a two-hour and a quarter film to fly by in a flash. This is quite a feat, especially with the preponderance of mishandled material of late.

Considering the backdrop of this story, somewhat expected twists and turns emerge. Regardless, the simply numbing acting performances – by all – overwhelm the audience and leave them breathless. A very minor amount of graphic violence occurs – of which I am no fan – but it needs to be endured in order to embrace this gem of a film.

Though this film tells the story of the utmost privileged of families, it nevertheless strikes a deep chord with the suffering that any parent might endure if trying to help their child – and the distance a person would go, and sacrifices one would make, to accomplish just that. It also examines the conflict of maintaining absolute power, wealth and business dominance at any emotional cost. This is a thrilling and captivating story, one all should see.



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