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Last updated 1/18/2018 at 4:19pm

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On Jan. 1, I was out in front of my house (in Bonsall) with my two dogs and all of a sudden I saw this skinny white dog running up the road. He was obviously lost, no collar, and very, very skinny. I called out to him and he stopped for an instant but my dogs were barking and he decided to keep going. I just couldn't get to him and it broke my heart because I could tell he needed help.

I posted this sighting on Nextdoor Saratoga and worried about him all night. The next morning I took my dogs out the front door and they went crazy sniffing around the porch as if someone had just been there. I looked around and there was that skinny dog! He had come back!

He came right in the front door and it was clear that he was done running. He needed food and rest and that's what he got. I think he had been lost for a few weeks and possibly displaced by the fire.

I have posted on Facebook, Friends of Facebook, Nextdoor Saratoga, Paw Boost, shelters, etc., etc. So far, I have not found the owner. This dog is very sweet, well-mannered, and well trained. Someone took very good care of him. I can't believe he was abandoned.

He has a microchip but was rehomed perhaps a couple times without the chip info being updated and so far I have not been able to obtain the correct name but I am still working on that. I am hoping that he lived in this area and someone reading the Village News will recognize him.

Please contact me if you have any info on this dog, Catjomo@gmail.com.

Cathy Morris


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