SCE awards Envirepel Energy long-term contract


Last updated 3/23/2018 at 1:59am

FALLBROOK – Southern California Edison has awarded local company Envirepel Energy a long-term power supply contract under a California tariff program supporting the state’s fire prevention plan called BioMat.

The Company’s Corporate Relations officer, Delphine Macy, stated, “On March 1, the state BioMat program published the contracts awarded in the last program cycle. As a matter of record, Envirepel Energy has a 20-year term contract to supply clean renewable power to SCE under the BioMat tariff.”

The BioMat contract is for a 3 Megawatt (Mw) facility, providing enough energy to supply roughly 2,500 to 3,000 homes, and specifically addresses the use of agricultural green waste as a feed stock.

According to the Envirepel Energy Inc. (EEI) website, Envirepel is a privately held renewable energy company that will serve the needs of public utilities across the country by utilizing a proprietary ultra-low emission biomass energy system to generate clean renewable energy from green waste, sludge, plastics, municipal solid waste, wood and other organics.

The combustion technology EEI has developed can cleanly convert many of these problem waste streams to clean renewable forms of energy with virtually no pollution.

“Our vision is to have one of our facilities on every landfill in America, eating up waste and using it to create clean energy,” said Macy. "What is important and sets us apart from other waste-to-energy companies are the emissions that do not come from our stack. We cleanly convert waste streams to heat energy to make steam and generate renewable energy, recover water from our exhaust to use in the facility, even the mineral ash left over from the process can be used to make concrete. Nothing goes to waste.”

Using waste from landfills or agricultural waste as an energy source to produce electricity is not a new idea. However, Fallbrook resident and Envirepel Energy founder Anthony Arand says the company’s combustion technology, which converts solid waste into a gas that can then be burned as cleanly as natural gas, is superior to anything on the market and will create a new standard for ultra-low power plant emissions across the country.

“It is amazing what you can do when your system can combust water,” Arand said. "The exciting thing for me is that after the 15 years of development effort it has taken us to get here, we finally get to bring our organic energy solution to the market where it has applications for agricultural wastes, urban wastes, and coal."


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