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Last updated 7/20/2018 at 8:54am

A couple observations on the insanity gripping the political scene this week:

1) The attacks on Trump for simply meeting with Putin are absurd. Obama not only met with the Russians but told its foreign minister he “will be more flexible with them after the election.” He was referring to stripping our nuclear deterrence. He should have been impeached for that alone, but there was silence. Obama also met with numerous Islamic leaders who support and fund terrorism. Indeed, he gave billions to Iran which is now being used to funding Islamic terrorists worldwide. Again, silence.

2) All throughout the Cold War, Liberals urged American presidents to meet with the Soviets as a way of ending the Cold War. They argued we can’t have world peace unless we talk to them. But now, Trump is evil for talking to them?

3) Trump is absolutely correct about NATO. If I had my way, we would pull out of NATO tomorrow. They have been engaged in actions and activities detrimental to our interests for decades. The European countries hardly maintain militaries because they rely on NATO to defend them. They take the money that should be marked for defense expenditures and instead build massive welfare states, give their citizens 4-day work weeks and very generous pensions. Meanwhile, we Americans work our asses off to pay the taxes that subsidize NATO.

4) Bear in mind our European “allies” have been caught repeatedly selling weapons to our enemies, not to mention selling natural resources to them such as oil. As a recent survey showed, the majority of Europeans will NOT fight for their country if attacked. So why should American boys die for Europeans who refuse to fight? The Cold War is over and most of Europe, as documented in Mark Steyn’s book, America Alone, will be majority Islamic in a few decades. Moreover, European Islamic leaders have repeatedly stated they intend to replace democratic structures with Sharia law. This will pose a major threat to the USA but European leaders – with their fanatical obsession with importing millions of Islamic immigrants who refuse to assimilate – have no interest in preventing this. So why should we defend them?

5) The time has come for the USA to start thinking about forming a new alliance. Indeed, Trump should create a new alliance of countries willing to A) control their borders and prevent Islamic hordes from destroying their democratic values and B) Willing to spend money on defense to fight what is and will be the biggest threat to our freedoms: Islamic Jihadism.

6) The new charges filed against the Russian intelligence officers are probably bogus. Many of the analysts within our intelligence agencies are highly politicized and their main claim that Russia hacked the DNC computer is highly suspect. The time it would take for an external hacker to download the information is more time than was possible, according to a group of former NSA and other cyber security experts. They can prove it was an internal leak, just like Wikileaks has also maintained. Moreover, our intelligence agencies have still not analyzed the DNC server that was allegedly hacked, so how can they make any assessments at all?

7) Lastly, during the Obama regime, cyber warfare experts who were countering Russian efforts to influence our elections were told to stand down. So why is the left attacking Trump for not confronting Putin about its cyber warfare when this went on during Obama's entire term and Obama did nothing about it? Where was the left then?

Steve Baldwin


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