Proposed location of BHS is 'absurd'


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My name is Liam Voges. I’m 15 years old and live in Sycamore Ranch in Fallbrook. I was homeschooled through various co-ops, online classes, and homeschool charters until I entered high school at the Classical Academy in Escondido in 2017. I have had an excellent education so far.

This November, a high school bond measure will be on the ballot to build another Bonsall high school adjacent to our neighborhood in Sycamore Ranch. Personally I think this idea is absurd. Traffic around where I live is already pretty heavy, and there are very few school-aged children in our neighborhood. Most of the people who live here are either retired or close to it.

I recently learned that the Bonsall School District reaches from Pala all the way to the eastern part of Oceanside. Since most of the school-age children live west of us, why is the school being built here? Also, Classical Academy is building a school in Oceanside, so I think students in that area should consider going there instead of commuting all the way to Bonsall High to avoid the already congested 76 highway. It makes you think whether or not the people wanting to build the school really want the best for our students.

Liam Voges


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