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The question by a resident, Eugen Gryg, is not a question at all. It is a statement of distrust based on a tremendous lack of knowledge.

To compensate for benefits the CBD could provide, I have a list of duties that Mr. Gryg must assume immediately to eliminate the need for this $5 a month investment in the community.

For Save Our Forest:

1. Be at two work parties a month to prune and maintain hundreds of the 2,750 trees planted on the streets of Fallbrook and Pico Promenade,

2. Volunteer to Adopt-A-Tree(s) to hand water trees. Offer cash to the merchants who allow use of water for trees and FBA pots. Monitor and solicit volunteers to sustain that program. Recruit volunteers for work parties. Donate to SOF to cover cost of employee to work in difficult locations. Fund professional pruning for trees beyond the scope of volunteers, and diagnosis sick trees.

3. Be there when we must replace failed trees, cry with us when we cut down a tree we have nurtured for 20 years.

4. Help us recruit donors to cover these costs. I hate doing this, you can do it for us. Recruit new donors and ask the few who donate year after year.

For Fallbrook Beautification Alliance (what I know), donate funds to cover:

A. Median maintenance on South Mission

B. Graffiti removal, paint – big money

C. Water and maintain flower pots (I have a 150’ hose I am getting too old to lift. You can use it.)

For the Fallbrook Land Conservancy (some basics I know):

Donate for maintenance of safe, walking trails in some the nine nature preserves enhancing the rural qualities of Fallbrook. Less than 500 members actually support this huge asset. Thousands use these spaces every year? They need to contribute too.

Consider how $5 a month will allow new assets to benefit the residents.

Also consider how other ways to fund is to create a real tax administered through a County Special District. They would take 30 percent of the income off the top. Not a great alternative.

Signing for your personal fairies,

Jackie Heyneman


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