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Re: 'The real truth about the opponents of Proposition 13' [Village News Letter, 2/7/19]


Last updated 2/21/2019 at 3:06pm

As a former business owner, I cringe every time I hear the word “fair” when Democrats are proposing new taxes. In the letter, “The truth about Proposition 13,” the author proposes that the state alter one of the original provisions of Proposition 13 by raising the taxes on corporations and on commercial and industrial properties.

The author professes this is a “fair” remedy in assisting California with its budget shortcomings.

He also contends that the new “Make it Fair” proposition will guarantee protections for existing residential properties and agricultural lands. If the “Make it Fair” proposition passes, does anyone believe for one second that its proponents won’t then go after the residential property tax rates of all Californians that are protected by Proposition 13? The “fact” is their ultimate goal is to dismantle Proposition 13 in its entirety.

The last time I checked, big and small corporations are all run by real people with real families, and these corporations employee thousands of Californians. Haven’t we seen enough companies move out of California already? And for those companies that choose to stay, they will simply pass on their increased property tax burden to their customers, and that’s us.

The author defending the deceptively conceived “Make it Fair” proposition singled out Chevron as a corporation reaping billions of dollars per year off the existing tax code. So what do you think will happen if their proposition passes? It’s simple, Chevron will add their increased property tax burden to the cost of gasoline. Ultimately all Californians will pay for their new tax burden when they buy gasoline. What’s “fair” about that?

And while I’m speaking about what’s fair, what’s fair about 50 percent of Californian’s not paying “any” federal or state income tax? How “fair” is that for working California families? So if these tax-loving zealots are looking for new tax dollars to spend, why don’t they start with those who aren’t paying any income tax. Isn’t it about time that “everyone pays” income tax? Now that would be “fair” right?

Now for the ruse that the “Make it Fair” proposition would create additional funds for affordable housing, libraries, the homeless, for transportation and other of state’s needs; who really believes that will happen? Recent history suggests this will never happen.

For instance, Californians pay 71 cents in state gas tax for every gallon of gas purchased. The Democrats have repeatedly promised the state’s gas taxes will fund road repairs and infrastructure improvements. Since their passage, the roads, bridges and freeways have fallen in worse disrepair. The Democratic lawmakers have deceived the electorate by diverting large portions of the gas tax revenues to the general fund with their accounting gimmicks. What’s “fair” about lying to the public yet another time?

So before residents buy into the “Make it Fair” canard that begins to dismantle Proposition 13, just remember the Democrats advocating increasing the property taxes of corporations and industrial properties today, will be the same Democrats that will be advocating increasing your residential property taxes tomorrow. Does that sound “fair” to you?

Dave Maynard


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