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By Kim Murphy
Murphy & Murphy Southern California Realty 

Real Estate Round-Up: Is your Realtor invested in Fallbrook?


Last updated 5/7/2019 at 11:17am

Recently I had to purchase a new automobile. Since I knew that I wanted an SUV but wasn’t sure what make and model I wanted, I visited a few dealerships to test drive the vehicles.

At the first dealership, I met a nice salesperson who showed me the various models that might work for me and even had me test drive a few of the cars. They were great. New vehicles are always nice. They smell good, and they generally handle well. Being a car person, I always like driving new models.

After I met with him, I was leaving and noticed him leaving at the same time. He wasn’t driving one of the manufacturer’s automobiles at all. He was driving an entirely different car.

At the next dealership, I met with another very well-informed sales person. They showed me the vehicles that would fit my needs, so we went for a test drive to see if I liked any of them. He knew a lot about the vehicle.

He told me about the options, and we discussed the financing options that the dealership offered. It was all good. He even shared with me that he drove one of the models himself and really enjoyed it. I liked this car, and I like this sales person.

I decided to look at one more dealership, just to see how their model measured up to the first two. It was amazing. Because all the sales people were busy with clients, I got to work with the sales manager of the entire dealership. He knew everything about the cars. He and his wife each owned one, and he was invested in the dealership.

I loved this car. I loved the fact that he had personal knowledge of the car, and I loved the fact that he was invested in the dealership. He would not let me down. I didn’t look any further. I told him what I wanted and how much I wanted to pay for the vehicle. He put it all together, and three hours later I left with a new car.

So, what does this have to do with real estate? What was it that made me buy the third automobile? All three cars were equally great. The difference was the sales person. I loved the fact that he knew the vehicle, not only the stats on the vehicle, but also the reality of how the vehicle operated. He sold me on his personal experience with the vehicle.

I also loved the fact that he was invested in the dealership. He was going to make sure that I loved my vehicle and that anything I needed was going to be taken care of, because he wasn’t just selling a car, he was selling the future of the dealership to me. He wanted me to tell all my friends about my car and the amazing knowledge and service I received. I was sold.

It works the same way in real estate. There are a zillion different real estate agents out there, with a zillion different schemes to help homeowners sell their home, but only a very select group will truly be able to help homeowners maximize the value of their home. It starts with some very basic elements.

Does the Realtor own a home? I understand, at one point in time, most of us rented. But right now, a seller needs someone who understands what it means to own a home. Once someone owns a home, they understand that the value of the home is not just in the structure. It is in the neighborhood. It is the memories that are created in that home. They are selling a piece of the homeowner’s history, and that history should be shared with prospective owners. That pride of ownership is a selling point and only a homeowner can understand that.

Does the Realtor live in the community? It’s like driving the dealership’s model of car. If they live in the community, they understand that a home is part of the community. And it is the community that adds value to the home. Especially in the case of Fallbrook, where the community reflects who residents are and why they live here. If the Realtor lives in Fallbrook, they can share why the home and the community are valuable and desirable.

Finally, is the Realtor invested in the community? If they are, they place a higher value on the home, on why Fallbrook is such a great place to live and on what residents do to lift each other up, to continue the great heritage of Fallbrook generosity. To live in Fallbrook should be much more than four walls and a roof. It is about community. It is about generosity.

Fallbrook is a special place. Don’t underestimate the value that a Realtor brings to the value of a home, by hiring someone who doesn’t own a home, doesn’t live here or doesn’t invest in this town.

There are many Realtors in Fallbrook, who meet all the above criteria and will help sellers achieve more for their home. Murphy and Murphy Southern California Realty fits all that criteria. We own homes. We live in Fallbrook. We invest in Fallbrook. Join us as we sponsor the fifth annual charity event for the Fallbrook Food Pantry, May 17, at Pala Mesa Resort.

Last year this event raised over $92,000 to help needy families and children in Fallbrook. This year our goal is to raise $150,000. Visit to see how you can be involved, “because when you’re hungry, nothing else matters.”

Selling a home deserves the best representation possible. Hire a Realtor who understands that a home’s value is more than just a price per square foot.

Kim Murphy can be reached at [email protected] or (760) 415-9292 or at 130 N. Main Ave., in Fallbrook. Her broker license is #01229921, and she is on the board of directors for the California Association of Realtors.


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